Consumers how to buy candy

A look at the appearance. Candy color should be the normal average, clear, pure aroma, moderatetastes shades, without the rest of the odor. The shape of the candy should be correct, neat edge and NoCutaway cracks, bright and smooth appearance, a clear pattern, size and thickness average, no significantdeformation, and no visible impurities.

See candy organizations. The different varieties of candy their organization is different. For example: and brittle appearance of hard candy organizations should be bright and transparent, non-stick wrapping paper,no bubbles and impurities; crispy sugar should be white or color of the species should be color, crisp, non-stick teeth, the cross-sectional average pore ; and pure chocolate should looks smooth, shiny, white, tightcross-section, no significant pores, smooth and delicate taste, do not make ends meet, no rough feeling.
3 look at the packaging. Check the packaging whether damage, damaged products would be subjected topurification. The case of pre-packed products, check the packaging Name, name and address, list of ingredients, production date, shelf life, net content, product specification No. ability, production dateprinting whether clear. Try to buy the products of the recent production. Toys sugar factory

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