Children's toys candy

Recently, one popular globe of new products - toys, candy boom is quietly landed in Beijing, decline and fall slowly in children. It colored jelly beans may fudge into a well-designed packaging, packaging itself is a wide variety of toys: For example UFO gyroscope, Winnie the candy car, frog rod. Music design and development of a variety of toys candy the U.S. toy candy maker Ken series is popular among children in the United States farewell. Recently, these products are prevalent in the American continent also introducedto our children. The birth of toy candy supplied to the relatively young children a fresh approach to thecandy itself has become a "play" one of the props. For example, a product is "my candy store, Sugar Bowl,teaspoon and scales, children can play in the candy store owner, be weighed and" sold "to the small enemyeat candy packaging design. This potentially bring more fun. "Eat" while also being able to build the child'simagination, play and cooperation. Toy candy Studies have shown, one of the development trend ofchildren's food is increasingly entertainment, children and adults happy to enjoy a touching career. Such as"rampant toilet" and "rat trash, candy designed to mice, toilet sieve, individuals do not think that receiving80% of the children, but in product testing schematic favorite, especially the majority of boys. Thisheterogeneous characterization toy candy formal exit to the world of children's food brought newweather.Toy Candy

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